Private flights at your service

Secure, convenient and luxurious journey for a true peace of mind

Handling all aspect of private aircraft

At Private Aircraft Services, there is nothing we will not do to ensure that every aspect of your clients’ journey meets the highest standards of private air travel. When you come to Barbados, entrust all your ground handling requirements to our experienced staff.

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Aircraft Marshalling

Our ground personnel provide visual signalling to the pilots of private aircraft at Grantley Adams International Airport. At Private Aircraft Services, it is our duty to offer your flight crew with the right guidance information. We lead the aircraft safely to its runway by directing the pilots.

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Jet in-flight catering

We provide in-flight catering services to your customers. Our aim is to be able to meet any taste or dietary need, from liquor to 5-Star cuisine. We indulge your passengers with small snacks & the best meals in the sky. Give your customers the best dining experience on private flights!

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Freight and baggage transfer

We can safely transfer the baggage and freight to the bag room and prepare, sort & load them to the correct flight, on-time. You can also trust us completely for unloading the aircraft of passenger baggage and freight and transferring it to the terminal for passenger pickup.

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Flight Operations and Planning

  • Aircraft Refuelling
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Freight and Baggage Transfer
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Air Ambulance Service
  • Catering Services
  • Car Rentals
  • Tour Packages
  • Charter Arrangement
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Overflying and Landing Permissions

Fly with us to ensure a hassle-free passage for the passengers.


Flight Planning Support For The Full Luxury Private Jet Experience

Private Aircraft Services is a Barbados-based trusted flight support company located at the Grantley Adams International Airport. We are focused on providing Executive Jet Charters with the highest level of personalised travel handling services in Barbados, from aircraft refuelling to immigration and customs, overflying and landing permissions, air ambulance service & more. Here, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. With us, you can release your customers’ minds from the time constraints and stress of airline travel.

At Private Aircraft Services, we believe that the Luxury Jet Experience is not just confined to your flight, but extends to every interaction you have with our representatives. We handle every detail once your customers, pilots and crew deplane, from hotel reservations to confirming your awaiting transportation.

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