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Operation Support For Private Travel Just Got Better In the Island of Barbados

Our company offers luxury aircraft handling services in Barbados. We are a dedicated, highly experienced team, providing ground handling and flight arrangements solutions to private aircraft. Private Aircraft Services provides flight support service to private jets and executive aircraft.

Private Jet Rental

Are you looking for a handling company that could meet your high-end expectations? We can meet your aircraft on arrival and expedite your passengers through Immigration and Customs along with their bags to their awaiting transportation. You can also trust us with the paperwork, refuelling, cleaning inside of aircraft, lavatory and transportation to the hotel for the pilots.

When leaving Barbados, we prepare aircraft for departure. This includes but is not limited to crew pick-up, catering including flower arrangements, preparation and third party payments for all relevant fees and paperwork and ensuring a hassle-free passage for the passengers.

We offer refuelling service for Quick-Turns flights and air ambulance services (MEDEVAC) where swift emergency evacuation is required. We co-ordinate with other major networking handling companies who dispatch aircraft to us with the confidence that they will get the kind of reception they deserve when they enter and exit our lovely Island.

We can also provide charter quotes for the desiring customer, as well as assistance for limousine service, hotel reservation, hired car rental or taxi arrangement, helicopter arrangements, transhipment cargo & more.

Private Aircraft Services will provide exceptional personal jet concierge services, the best in handling aircraft operations and pleasing your customers. We tailor every aspect of your charter according to your demands. Our committed manager perfectly arranges, supervises and monitors all the flight operations.

Benefits include:

  • The Full Luxury Private Jet Experience at extremely competitive rates.
  • Private flights at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • The most comprehensive safety and security in the industry, for true peace of mind.
  • Personal jet concierge services to handle every detail once you deplane, from dinner reservations to confirming your awaiting transportation.
  • Full charter jet in-flight catering able to meet any taste or dietary need, from liquor to 5-Star cuisine.

This personalised service and assured quality differentiate Private Aircraft Services from our competitors. Our team builds client relationships one individual at a time. Not only do we strive for a personal understanding of our client needs, but it is our sincerest desire to exceed those expectations.

At Private Aircraft Services, we constantly strive to separate ourselves from the competition by adhering to a strict code of ethics embedded into every facet of our business. From our Managing Director right down to our ancillary staff, every employee adheres to this code which forms the culture, mission and values of our company.

Receiving passenger at the private aircraft

All of these amenities are provided at prices that are competitive with all other competition on the island. Luxury, safety and unparalleled service are not just words at Private Aircraft Services; they are the pillars upon which our Company rests. Point to point travel offers an effective means for the private business traveller, saving time and energy in all your travel plans. Choosing whom you fly with affords you the opportunity for complete safety and total privacy. Private jet rental enables the executive to speak undistracted and unencumbered with whoever he chooses to fly.

Flying to Barbados? We are the private aircraft handling company you need