Helping You Deliver A Special Bespoke Flying Experience To Your Passengers

Passengers in Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Hire

Delivering a premier charter service experience, Private Aircraft Services offers world-class private jet charter handling services. Our aim is to delight your every client, from the ground to the air. We provide an uncompromising dedication to safe, secure & luxurious air travel for your customers.

Whether it is overflying and landing permits, clearing flights with custom & immigration, aircraft refuelling, aircraft marshalling, catering services, or air ambulance service, our managing directors and staff understand their role in contributing to successful flight operations.

Talk to us undistracted and unencumbered and leave all arrangements to us, safe in the knowledge that it’s what we’ve been doing well – for years. Trust us! We have got all your aircraft’s operations covered for a successful journey!

Ground Handling Services

Our experienced staff provides ground handling services to private aircraft including marshalling the aircraft, offloading and loading the aircraft, cleaning inside of aircraft, lavatory service, paperwork, refuelling & more. We aim to minimise the turnaround time with our quick, efficient & accurate services.

Catering Services

Our in-flight catering service is able to meet any taste or dietary needs of our customers. According to the length of the flight and time of the day, we provide food and beverage to your passengers. We also serve liquor onboard to deliver the perfect in-flight catering experience to your travellers.

Car Rentals

After a private jet travel, we will give your travellers the benefit of the transportation availability at their destination. We assure you a hired car rental or taxi arrangement professional when they deplane. Let your customers ride in style to their destinations. Their peace of mind is our priority.

Overflying and Landing Permissions

To allow landing and overflying, we can secure permissions within less time as an experienced aircraft handling company. Whether it is a private flight or medical flight, you can rely on us for easily obtaining these vital permits. We have a strong relationship with civil authorities and other agencies for obtaining these clearances fast.

Air Ambulance Service

We have great experience in arranging medical evacuation services. Get 24-hour response and medical transportation services. Our medical care providers will get the patient the best bed-to-bed service. Be it an ill or injured person, you can count on us for air ambulance emergency assistance when swift emergency evacuation is your customer’s need.

Hotel Reservation

Let your travellers plan and personalise their stay because we’re here to handle their hotel reservations. We can set up your customers’ transfer from the airport to their hotel. So, we’ve got their complete needs covered. Let your customers have a relaxing experience when they land to Barbados. We also look after your pilots and crew members for the same.

Contact us for complete flight operations support and flight planning services.